Swan Shore

Monogram Cobalt Blue, White Floral Wedding Invite

Monogram Cobalt Blue, White Floral Wedding Invite

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Small Monogram Cobalt Blue, White Floral Wedding Invite Front View

Front View

Small Monogram Cobalt Blue, White Floral Wedding Invite Back View

Back View

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Do you share a love that will last an eternity? Well then, this romantic and elegant monogrammed cobalt blue and white floral wedding invitation may be exactly what you want. It has a PRINTED ribbon and bow with a pair of PRINTED diamond jewel and FAUX glitter (simulated) joined hearts on it, along with an ornate scrolled border on the back. ***PLEASE NOTE there are no raised elements on this invitation. Everything is printed flat. It is shown here on basic paper, but for an added bit of elegance, I suggest the luxe pearl shimmer paper if your budget allows, as it has a lovely subtle opalescence to it that really sets the invitation off. ***PLEASE NOTE that if you change the fonts or size of the fonts, it may alter how your invitation prints. It will print the way you see it on your monitor, so if you have alignment issues or sizing problems, please contact Zazzle for help. I will not see your invitation once you order it, and Zazzle will NOT edit anything (typos, alignment, etc.). If you require assistance or would like any other matching items, please email your request to

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