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Rustic Red Rose Gold Black Vintage Elegant Wedding Invitation

Rustic Red Rose Gold Black Vintage Elegant Wedding Invitation

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Small Rustic Red Rose Gold Black Vintage Elegant Wedding Invitation Front View

Front View

Small Rustic Red Rose Gold Black Vintage Elegant Wedding Invitation Back View

Back View

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Create your own diy vintage wedding invitations on a unique, gorgeous template. The design illustrated by Raphaela Wilson depicts dark burgundy red roses accented with gold and black ink over an antique, aged paper parchment. On the back side is depicted a watercolor rose pattern atop an ombre fade from dark red to black. This area provides you extra room to add in more event details, or even a photo if you These romantic floral wedding invitations are perfect for fall, autumn and winter weddings, or even a celebration such a bridal shower, birthday party, or anniversary where a gothic, or old theater theme is desired. Wish to add more gold accents? Customize the design further and reveal additional layers that contain a gold crown, butterflies, and butterfly confetti. The creative options are numerous on these template wedding invitations - even change the script calligraphy and other font styles to those of your liking. Also, changing the background color on the front will alter the thick dark border on the front. Category: rustic wedding invitations; red rose wedding invitations, and parchment template wedding invitations. Wedding theme color palette: marsala, dark red burgundy, maroon, rose, gold, black, ivory white and tan.

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