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Budget Wedding Invitation Modern Olive Leaves

Budget Wedding Invitation Modern Olive Leaves

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Wonderful savings can be made on this quality wedding invitation with a semi gloss finish ( pt thickness / 110 lb weight) 3 sizes available. Text template fields on both sides of the wedding invitation mean you can add all your required details such as reception, rscp, gift registry, menu, directions. The theme here is a modern watercolor olive leaf wreath. ? Note: As part of the budget range of invitations, this invitation does NOT include envelopes. It can however be transferred to card/paper types and sizes that do, or you can purchase envelopes inexpensively online. For details visit ? Budget wedding invitations as featured on this card/paper type are the unique inspiration of LeahG - do not be fooled by copycats. LeahG is the founder of The Low Budget Wedding Planning Network and as such she created a range of low priced, quality invitations with exquisite designs to enable budget wedding couples to have affordable options which were not previously available. LeahG tries to ensure variety, quality, uniqueness and offers 'tweaks' provided upon request, time allowing. Please do visit The Low Budget Wedding Planning Network for more advice, support and chat. ?

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